Global Family Farms Mission and Vision—helping sustain Maharishi Vedic Pandit Program
Global Family Farms is a company founded by Drs. John and Susel Fagan, MIU Faculty, in cooperation with Nepal Maharishi Foundations, dedicated to creating economic opportunities for rural farmers through ethical, organic agriculture. Creating jobs for farmers allows them to stay home in the villages instead of being forced to work abroad. This helps keep families together and preserves local farming tradition while creating a supply of high-quality organic herbs spices and super foods for conscious consumers. Global Family Farms goes beyond fair trade. Profits shared with our partner farmers will help improve access to education, provide technical training to community groups, and ensure food security and purity. In addition, Global Family Farms provides education on organic farming and financial management as well as the Transcendental Meditation program to our partner farmers—thereby creating coherence and harmony locally and nationally.

Global Family Farms profits, plus a small contribution from each sale, will go to the Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture to preserve and strengthen Nepal’s Pandit schools (Gurukuls).
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