This e-news issue features the expansion of Consciousness-Based Education (CBE) in Nepal.

Thanks to the dynamic leadership of Chintamani Yogi, Consciousness-Based Education(CBE) is expanding throughout Hindu Vidyapeeth (HVP) Schools. Chintamani Yogi is the founder of Hindu Vidyapeeth Schools, which promote value-based education and the essential human values of truth, love, peace, selfless service, and non-violence, around the world.
It is very timely that the school teachers and students in Chintamani’s wonderful schools begin the life-transforming Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. TM has been incorporated into 1000’s of schools across the globe and millions of students are more calm and enjoying greater academic achievements—and so Chintamani did not want his students to miss this opportunity!
Now after launching the first step in the CBE program, the teachers learning the TM technique, Chintamani realized that now he has the highest technology to fulfill the goals of his school and transform society by creating Enlightened students and teachers.
Minraj and Bimla Adhikari, Co-Directors of Consciousness-Based Education for our Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation (NMVF), enjoyed teaching the TM technique to 50 school teachers at the Hindu Vidyapeeth Schools in Dang and Thali (Gokarna).

As soon as the schools open again in Nepal, Chintamani will organize for all his students to learn the TM technique allowing them to unfold their inner potential and enjoy a life free from problems and suffering.
Also in December, 2019, Chintamani visited MIU’s campus in Fairfield, Iowa and was surpised to find a campus where Self Knowledge and personal growth were integrated into the academic programs and campus life. Chintamani also enjoyed meeting many students from Nepal who were enolled in MIU’s degree programs.

Our Big Thanks to Chintamani Yogi for his tireless work to transform society through educating our children—our Future!

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation