Yagyas are ancient precise performances by specially trained Maharishi Vedic Pandits, which create specific life supporting influences from the field of pure consciousness, the Unified Field of total Natural Law. These performances create life supporting effects in order to amend or avoid any unwanted tendency before it manifests. Maharishi Yagya performances for the nation will enliven total Natural Law in the nation and nourish all individuals in the country.

Nepal is very fortunate to have groups of trained Maharishi Vedic Pandits, organized by the Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture. Maharishi Yagya performances are conducted on a regular basis near to the Pashupatinath temple and throughout rural Nepal. These programmes are sustained from our good-hearted well-wishes.


The word Yoga means union. It refers, most fundamentally, to the union of the individual human mind with the underlying pure consciousness at the basis of thought—the attunement of individual intelligence with the cosmic intelligence that governs the vast universe without a problem.

Maharishi explained that this experience of Yoga, of union with all the laws of nature at their source (through the Transcendental Meditation™ technique), stimulates the underlying field of pure consciousness, the Unified Field of Natural Law, producing a radiating field effect of consciousness that can be measured as reduced crime, reduced warfare and reduced terrorism. Thus Yoga, understood most profoundly, yields that union with cosmic intelligence that transforms both individual and social life.

By contributing to Maharishi Yagya performances, one becomes the first beneficiary, an instrument through which Natural Law brings nourishment and protection to Nepal and the world.

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation is a non-profit educational charity and donations for the Maharishi Yagya programme are tax deductible in many countries. Contributions are needed to sponsor these special performances. Our goal is to have at least 1000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits as professional peace creators for Nepal and the world.

Nepal’s Pandit Training will re-establish the ideal of Vedic Education in Nepal. These programs will help create the necessary coherence to establish Nepal as an ideal society and to radiate the wisdom of Maharishi Vedic Science which will uplift all of humanity throughout the world and help eliminate terrorism and social unrest which endanger the world.

We invite all governments to act now and utilize this proven technology by creating and maintaining peace creating groups in their country.

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How to Create a Prosperous, Peaceful, and Sustainable Nepal

Just as watering the root of a tree improves all parts of the tree—its leaves, flowers, branches, fruits—so this Unified Field technology (Transcendental Meditation™), enlivens the Universal Field of Natural Law which nourishes and enlivens life everywhere for the peace and prosperity of everyone.

Regular experience of the Transcendental Meditation programme has been shown to dissolve deep-seated stress in the individual, bringing marked reductions in hypertension, stroke, heart disease, and other stress-related illness. When practiced collectively in groups, this same programme has been shown to effectively reduce societal stress, and tensions, causing associated reductions in crime and social violence, and an upsurge of peace and positivity throughout the population.

Specifically, published research confirms that collective practise of the Transcendental Meditation programme and the advanced TM-Sidhi programme, which includes Yogic Flying, by groups of several hundred to several thousand trained experts quickly neutralizes acute societal stress—including the ethnic, religious, and political tensions that fuel violence and conflict. Violence and conflict are thereby averted as tensions are calmed and as the enmity in an adversary is naturally defused.

Accessing and stimulating the most fundamental level of creation—the Unified Field—generates powerful waves of unity and coherence that permeate the collective consciousness of the whole population. The immediate, practical result is markedly reduced crime and social violence, and improved positive trends throughout society. These trends have been extensively researched and are a new phenomena in the history of the social sciences. (See references.) Such group practice is the cornerstone of the programme being practiced by the Vedic Pandits of India and Nepal to create world peace, prosperity, and ensure a sustainable society.

Read more about our Nepal Pandit Program— View the Vedic Pandit BROCHURE.

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