Every Saturday morning at the Buddhanagar TM Center, Mrs. Kalpana Ghimire, Chairperson for the Nepal Global Mother Divine organization (NGMDO), invites all TM practitioners to meditate together to create increased coherence and harmony for themselves, their family, Nepal, and the world. In addition to enjoying deeper experiences of the inner silence of Pure Consciousness, the group also enjoys discussions on the profound knowledge contained in the Vedic literature. Individuals can ask questions about their TM experience to certified Teachers of the TM program.

Quotes from people who practice TM together in groups…

Shyam Krishna Subedi is one of the organizers of the weekly TM group and he commented how much people are enjoying coming together and experiencing directly the unity and harmony generated by the group practice of TM. Mr. Shyam also said that the number of participants is increasing and the positivity generated from the group meetings has inspired more people to learn TM. Mrs. Bimla Adhikari, TM Teacher and NGMDO Board member, noticed how quickly people who practice TM enjoy its benefits like better health, increased ability to manage their personal activities and work, and more positive relationships. Mr. Shyam and Mrs. Bimla collected these quotes from people who practice TM:
Mrs. Mira Thapa— “After learning Transcendental Meditation , my sleep is more deep and refreshing. My migraine headaches are almost gone—it is so inspiring for me.”
Mr. Mahendra Shrestha —“Since starting Transcendental Meditation my health has dramatically improved. I am filled with positive feelings and thinking in my TM practice and therefore enjoying my activity more.”
Ms. Suman Kunwar — “Transcendental Meditation has helped relieve my headaches. Now I feel refreshed and energized every morning after TM.”
Mrs. Nirmala Upadhyaya “My regular TM practice has reduced my headaches, balanced my blood pressure and hypersomnia. Everyday after practicing TM I feel an increase in positive thoughts. I strongly feel that every family member should practice TM to create a peaceful and harmonious environment at home. It’s very difficult for me to describe in a few words about the positive impact TM has given me in my life.”


Invitation from Mrs. Kalpana Ghimire—Director of Nepal Global Mother Divine Organization  (NGMDO)

Mrs. Kalpana Ghimire says,
“NGMDO programs offers women and girls the knowledge and practical programs for perfect health, enlightenment, and success in every area of life. Any women or girl now has the opportunity to realize their full spiritual potential—enlightenment—and enliven world peace through the nourishing power of inner bliss and coherence. This is easily achieved through the extended collective practice of Transcendental Meditation® and its advanced programs, which enrich all areas of life from their universal basis, the silent field of pure consciousness. I would like to invite all ladies and their families to come to our NGMDO Center and join the checking and group meditation session every Saturday morning.The correct practice of Transcendental Meditation ensures the awakening and rejuvenation of mental, physical, and spiritual potential of every individual. All of us at the NGMDO Center wish that abundant good fortune smile on Nepal, and may Maharishi’s great legacy of peace and enlightenment permanently bless the human race.”
(NGMDO is a nonprofit educational organization.)

-Deepak Baskota, Raja Kingsley and Leslie Brooks


Deepak Baskota, National Director for
Maharishi’s programs in Nepal
Drs. Kingsley and Leslie Brooks,
International Directors for Nepal
Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation