Implementing CBE in a school is the key to awakening the full potential of every student. Since consciousness is the essence and foundation of human life, by expanding the student’s consciousness, we develop the total brain potential of the student from within. And by developing the student we improve the most important element in learning.
Minraj and Bimla Adhikari
Nepal’s National CBE Directors are Mr. and Mrs. Minraj and Bimla Adhikari. For the past five years they have focused on teaching the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique to Nepal students and school teachers.
There are 10 schools (with total enrollment of over 8000 students) that are in various stages of implementing CBE. 4000 students have learned TM and over 800 faculty and students have learned the TM-Sidhis Program. The daily practice of TM and its advanced TM-Sidhi program creates a significant influence of coherence and harmony in each school, community, and in the nation. So, it is critical that people are transcending daily, for the benefit of the individual and the society.  
Please enjoy a few pictures of Nepali students practicing TM in their schools
Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation