Dear Kingsley,

There have been many good and positive changes happening in Nepal and we would like to keep you informed of these changes through our short monthly E-news.

We have found in meeting MUM Nepali students and alumni who are living in USA, that they are not aware of our Foundation’s activities so we would like to keep you up-to-date.

For example, on March 1-3 we held an International Conference on “Vedic Science and Modern Science” at Nepal Pragya Bhawan which was attended by over 1000 Nepalis. Vedic Scholars and renowned Scientists from around the world examined, based on recent discoveries in Modern Science, how the Vedic principles of life can be identified and applied in every area of society for the benefit of humanity and our planet. Nepal’s President Bhandari was the Chief Guest.

You may enjoy the event in a number of ways:

The website description
The detailed poster (PDF)
The photo gallery
The MUM Review article
John Hagelin’s’ address to the conference (on Youtube)

It has been eight years since we founded Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation (NMVF) and we have been working to help improve all areas of life here in Nepal. Our primary focus has been to offer the life-transforming technology of TM and its advanced TM-Sidhis program to all Nepalis who are desirous of a better life through improved health, increased happiness, reduced stress, and greater well-being.

In addition, NMVF is offering the TM program in four Nepal Secondary Schools so that students can awaken their inner potential and enhance their learning ability.
We also have a separate Foundation that focuses on training Vedic Pandits throughout all of Nepal.

We trust you will enjoy our Nepal E-news—we will email again in May.

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation